September 16, 2011

First Place Winner Women's Age 50+ Isabody Challenge 2011

Before: October 2010

Prior to Isagenix it took over 2 years to reduce 9 pounds.  Then I started Isagenix. Incredible results. The weight literally was melting off my body.  Unbelievable.  In the first 12 days I shed 12 pounds.  From October 2010 to March 25, 2011 … reduced 47.25 inches and 48.5 pounds.  June 2011…   60 pounds and 63.75 inches.   As of Sept 2011 I have shed 78 pounds with Isagenix.  Isagenix has changed my life.

Through serious illness I gained 90 pounds and ballooned to 230 pounds. Physically and mentally I plummeted. At one point I was declared an “invalid” by one specialist and given a lousy prognosis.  I could barely function.  For years, my husband had to do everything.  Cook.  Clean.  Shop. Carpool.  Parent.  Work full time.

Cameras, flashes, picture taking would set off anxiety attacks/panic attacks. So pictures of me during this time are rare. 

A pivotal moment, was when my daughter, reluctantly and timidly told me (only because I pried) that she was embarrassed by my weight.  I wept.

After: June 2011
Meanwhile, her prom was nearing.  My goal … to have prom day photos with my daughter.  Photos to be proud of.  I had serious work to do. 1/. To be able to have my picture taken in public and to not panic (lots of ‘brain training’ and trauma counseling needed). 2/. Reduce my size, so my daughter could be proud.

On June 4, 2011, I was able to have prom photos taken with my daughter. It was a great day.  I wept… with joy.

I went from being unfit; unhealthy; obese; in extreme discomfort; plagued with many health concerns to being healthy, fit, slim, and virtually discomfort free. I am a completely different person.  Isagenix is a HUGE part of that transformation. Where I once could barely walk around the block, now I cycle 110 kms/day regularly.

From size 20 to size 8 (August 2011)
My goal is to win the Isabody challenge and use some of the earnings towards a bike trek across Canada in 2012 to increase awareness about the stigmas around mental health issues as well as bring awareness to Childhelp (an organization that helps abused and neglected children).  This will be my wildest dream come true, to make a difference for others and to cycle across Canada.  This would not have been possible a few years ago.  

I feel great.  I look great.  People tell me I “glow”.  My confidence is building.  My self-esteem is growing.  Thank you Isagenix!!