September 16, 2011

Isagenix "Celebration 2011"

August 2011. Isagenix "Celebration" 2011. If ever there was a week that was life altering, this was it.

Being the  First Place Winner  for the Women's Age 50 + category, in the Isabody Challenge, I won $5,000 as well as airfare and accommodations for 2 to San Diego for their annual conference.  It was unbelievably amazing. 

I would highly recommend the Isabody Challenge for those who want to tranform their bodies and win some great prizes for their efforts.  The Isabody Challenge is a way for Isagenix to acknowledge participants for their results and successes.  The grand prize is $120,000!!!!   How great is that?!!

My first day in San Diego as the Women's Age 50+ first place winner, sitting here with the make-up artist (who was absolutely delightful)  prior to our photo shoots.  All the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners started first thing in the morning with a reception and rehearsal.  A fast paced, full schedule followed with make-up artists, photo shoots, numerous outfit changes, judging, more interviews, more make-up, and video shoots.  It was really exciting.

Marina and Eric Coover, son of Kathy and Jim Coover, co-founders of  Isagenix.  Eric was a great host for the Celebration event.  Funny and personable on stage.  Everyone loved him.

 Jim Coover  and Marina at gala event

Jim Coover, Marina and Eric Coover at the gala

Dr Michael Colgan (dynamic speaker on stage)
Marina, Shelly Panucci, and Dr. Colgan's wife Leslie

Here we are. The lovebirds.   Byron looked so amazingly handsome in his tux. 

Marina and John Anderson (Master Formulator of Nutritional Suppplements and founder of Isagenix).  In the background right top of photo is Dr. William H. Andrews world's leading researcher on Telomeres (Nobel Prize-winning research on telomeres and aging).  For more info on "Product B" and youthful telomere aging click on 

Marina, Rick Despain, Vice President of Field  Development for Isagenix, and his lovely wife at the "Super Heroes" party.  "Superhero" he was when he introduced me to Sarah Rodriguez, Vice President of Childhelp, and the result is I was able to set up a Canadian Chapter for Childhelp.  I will be raising awareness and funds for this truly worthy cause by cycling across Canada in the summer of 2012 with my family and road team.

Movie Stars?!?!  Celebrities in our own way.  Arlene, Marina, Siv, Meaghan, Kelly and Kari-Lyn.
The Happy Couple.  Marina and her wonderful husband, Byron.   I have to tell you, Byron is the most amazing man.  Without him, I would not be where I am at today.  He is also one of my "superheroes".
Byron, Jimmy Smith, Marina at the gala.
Jimmy is the top income earner with Isagenix.
He was a butcher.  As I understand it, got injured at work.
Looked for another job.  Started Isagenix and is an amazing success story and inspiration.