September 19, 2011

Is this the same person??!?

It is hard to believe, that both of these photos are of the same person. Me.

This rare photo (left) taken October 2010 reflects how I felt and looked after the breakdown and being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Panic Attack/Anxiety Disorder; Severe Depression; and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I was a wreck.  What you don't know is this photo was actually 3+ years after the breakdown, and I had made significant strides in my healing process and recovery.  Yikes!!!  Yes I actually looked and felt worse than this.  Hard to believe.

This next photo (right) taken August 2011.  I continue to make huge progress in healing and recovery.  My goal is to get myself ready to get back to work. So I continue to work with  my trauma counselor to work through the "triggers" of the previous trauma, to learn more coping and managing strategies.  As well the "brain training"  (working with the neuroplasticity of the brain to create new neuropathic networks) has been a pivotal and key element of my treatment and recovery.   For more information about braintraining contact Dr. Susan Simpson of Valentus Clinics in Victoria. (phone number 250 590-5090) website